Sunday, May 23, 2010

Same Bowl, Different Dinner

Well, I had every intention of making baby burgers tonight, but, alas, I forgot to get the meat.  So it's peanut noodles with veggies and chicken.  Roarke graciously helped out again and I got the pleasure of watching him scarf down raw carrots and zucchini with whole grain pasta and chicken. 

While Roarke was napping, I had an impromptu photo shoot with Cian.  He just loves the camera!

I'm in the process of sewing my now cut-up Nicey Jane together.  It looks like I'll have extra blocks since the pattern doesn't use them all, but that's really good since I had a cutting accident and some of my cut strips are a little smaller than required (the ones off to the left side in the picture).  Additionally, I think I'm going to take a risk (yeah, I know, not much of one) and use the darker linen for the solid in this quilt.  If I hate it, I'll just have another quilt giveaway--for my Flickr friends, I'm giving away a quilt to one of my facebook friends.  How many quilts does one person need?  Especially when that person lives in Florida!


Beth said...

Oh my, your little guy is so cute! The last pic looks like he has a tiny mowhawk- love it!
your nicey jane quilt looks great too- especialyl with the essex linen.
This is my next quilt pattern I am going to do, you make me eager to finish the quilt I am working on now! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks! His hair just grows like that! We call him Jack-Jack (The Incredibles). The Oh Fransson lattice pattern was so quick and easy, I wish I would have done the math and made it bigger!

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