Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok, so no one really reads my blog (hi mom!), but I'm totally geeking out about the love I'm getting from Flickr today!  Not only did two, count them TWO, of my favorite bloggers email me--about fabric, what else?--but Tula Pink Twittered about my mini quilt (pics in an earlier post)!  EEEEEK!  I'm so stinkin' excited.  This means very little to anyone else I know, but I'm truly having a great day!  Now I have to run because I'm taking fabric orders for everyone and their brother for Neptune, which apparently is hard to come by except in my little po-dunk town!

Ah!  One of my favorite bloggers added one of my photos as a fav on Flickr!  Gosh, I'm really a dork.  (Sigh).  It really stinks that I'm having such a great day and Chad isn't here to share in my happy sewing glow!  I'm sure he'd just roll his eyes, but he'd be happy I'm happy.  Right Chad?  I did get to instant message him my cool news--he had a hard day of ping-pong, reading, and movies in the desert.  :)  Anywho!  Back to doing my happy dance........

UPDATE:  Tula Pink herself commented on my mini quilt!  YIPPEE!

Three-year-old quote for the day:  While driving to the park we see two Air Force jets flying in tandem.  Roarke says "Look, Mama!  Two jet planes.  A big one and a tiny one (from his pespective).  [long pause as they fly over]  That was some good flying!"

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savvy stitch said...

Wow! Tula commenting on your quilt is worth freaking out about!! How cool!

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