Friday, June 4, 2010

Here We Go Again, Matey

So I came really close to having another fabric craze like Neptune. I found another hard-to-find fabric line at my local store (shocking!) and posted some pictures on Flickr. After receiving a number of comments really quickly, I realized I had to make it clear I wasn't going to be a personal shopper this time around. I'll sell it to you, but on eBay or etsy. I hope people didn't find this rude, but I was really exhausted after buying and shipping all that Neptune! If any of you Swell lovers are reading this and thinking "She's so mean!" please understand that everytime I go to the quilt store I have to drive 40 mintues there, bring both my kids (ages 3 and 8 months), try and entertain/keep them quiet while I'm there, make sure I gather all the necessarry bolts, wait forever while they cut them and chit-chat with me, and then drive 40 minutes back home. Something similar takes place when I have to go to the post office, though with less drive time. If hubby was home, these trips would be a lot easier since I could go by myself and actually enjoy the experience! Not to mention, it would be nice to buy some fabric for myself, guilt free! There are a number of new lines coming out that I'd really like and if I can make a little money from my finds then hubby can't complain! :)

In kiddo news, after waiting patiently for me at the fabric store, I took the boys to the pirate trick-or-treat event down in Fort Walton Beach.  Roarke was a real crank the whole time we were there, but he perked up at home and enjoyed his booty!


Jeannette said...

Well my son is 21 and I can remember the exact same experiences. Cute photos of the boys!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I can relate! I have to drive 40 minutes, but with a one year old! It is a process! You're not mean! :) (cutey boys though)

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