Monday, June 21, 2010

My life in bullet points

  • Won two quilt patterns from Fat Quarter Shop
  • Was told my dog has to have surgery (wave bye-bye to $1000)
  • Received a black eye from my dog on the way to the vet who now has $1000 of our money.
  • Almost had my military ID taken away on the way to my son's doctor's appointment because it was expired
  • Begged and pleaded to keep the ID so I could get a new one (it worked)
  • Told my son's head is really big (duh, genetics) but that they want a CAT scan (um, no thanks)
  • Went to get a new ID card and told my husband has to be there--HE'S IN IRAQ PEOPLE
  • Told I need a power of attorney to get a new ID card--only have medical power of attorney--if I leave base they won't let me back on again to even show them a power of attorney since my ID is expired!
  • Burst into tears in the ID office
  • Was taken pity on by the man in the office and issued a temporary ID
  • My kids won't sleep these days
  • Received my super awesome giveaway win from Jennifer at Sugarstitches

  • Still selling Neptune/Wee Play/Wonderland/Arcadia  at this point I just want the stuff out of my house so I can work on my own projects
  • Paid a crazy amount of money on postage to send a swap package to the UK--who knew postage was that expensive?!?!?
  • Is heartbroken for my Flickr friend, Christine, who just lost her dearly loved grandmother (hugs Christine!)
  • Met an evil partner-in-fabric-crime on Flickr--Amy you are trouble!  Check out Amy's blog
  • Signed up for another bee (bad, bad Amy!)  It's a Christmas themed bee--I have no Christmas fabric!
  • Received the most beautiful mini quilt ever in my Charming Mini swap (we send our partner the fabric we want a quilt made from and they come up with a design).  Also got a terrific "thank-you" from Julie at jaybirdquilts.  AND my good friend Sarah sent me two potholder and a dish towel just because she's awesome like that and I have really ugly potholders!  Aren't my friends the best?

  • My mom is in town--hooray for help!
  • Hubby sent me a present (from Sephora!!!!!) and a card, just because.  Isn't he sweet?
  • Dragging my feet on my STUD mini quilt swap. I'm just not loving my mini, but I don't have time to start over.  I hope my partner doesn't hate it!
  • I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff that happened.....
  • Oh!  I still have black eye (a week later) courtesy of my dog.

So, how was your last 7 days?


Molly said...

Ouch!! I got a bad black eye from my dog last year. I learned that you don't ask a Rottweiler if she wants to go for a walk and then bend over to put your sneaker on. She just may be starting a leap of joy and will clock you in the face with her cement-block-like head.

It sounds like you had a mixture of good and bad so I hope the good overwhelms you tomorrow!

Jenny said...

hey kelly...i have some christmas fabrics...what are you looking for? i did a swap last year of i have a variety...let me know!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a pain about the expired ID. I went through some form of that about 4 years ago and was in tears out in public of course.

I'm not sure what's worse... kids not sleeping, or kids that will only sleep with you (rightnexttoyouwiththeirkneesinyourback). Let's hope it gets better for everyone!!

I hope your next 7 days are better!

And, if you haven't sent my swap package yet, I'll buy one of those wee play charm packs off of you (in addition to what I already have coming). I'll FM you in a bit too. :)

amy and the bad cats said...

sux about the id. but, i just read in your "about me" that you have a law degree collecting dust! yay for you. i wish mine were just collecting dust. that's my goal for someday!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I'm glad to see your bullet points ended with some good things happening. Sounds like a trying week and it's got to be harder with your husband in Iraq. I hope the surgery was successful for your dog.

AllieKatMom said...

Ok, I almost fell out of my chair when I got to the ones about
Don't you just hate the military sometimes?!? I would call a supervisor, or your husbands first shirt. They can find a way to get your ID renewed. That is just dumb!
You changed your blog....cute

Christine said...

Everything bad happens when they deploy. I just expect it now ;-)

I'm sorry about your doggy...and your eye and super sorry about the whole ID thing. Boy,have I been there!

I have LOTS of Figgy Pudding Christmas fabric in larger cuts if you decide you'd like that and I have a charm pack of another Chritmas fabric by Moda if you are interested.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Reading your post makes me thankful that I don't have to deal with the military any more! Glad they gave you a temp ID :)You can't do anything with out that thing!

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