Friday, June 18, 2010

One more!

I still need one more person to pay it forward--the crafty version! :)  Please comment or email me if you'd like to participate.  My poor teeny tiny slice of blog world doesn't get much traffic so someone needs to step up!  Also, if anyone reading this wants a Wonderland, Arcadia, or Wee Play charm pack let me know, I still have some available!

Update:  I got my last participant for my crafy swap!  Thanks Sarah, Jenny, and Christine for paying it forward!


Sarah said...

I will do it...but I thought you already had your 3 people. but I will do it.

deltabird said...

Have you got any Arcadia left. I know all the Neptune has gone, I heard about it after the event! It was good of you to help those that couldn't get to your LQS. Eileen

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