Monday, September 27, 2010

Er.....Where was I?

I've been busy with bee projects and house guests so I've neglected my blog a bit, sorry!    If you're only interested in crafty things, just skip the rest of this paragraph, I won't mind.  My hubby's super fantastic grandmother surprised me with a week long visit this past week.  Well, it was a surprise when she told me she was coming for a visit two weeks ago.  I wouldn't want you all to think she just showed up.  :)  She's such a great help with the kiddos and she's very patient with me and my "rules."  I'm a control freak.  I admit it.  It's not as if I don't trust her, but I'm not used to relying on others for help or to take care of my kids.  I did manage to get out and have my hair cut.  Hooray!  I hadn't cut it since late April so to say it was in need of a trim is an understatement.  I still can't bring myself to cut too much off.  I'm just a long hair sort of gal.  I also got to take Roarke to a birthday party for one of his classmates.  I was so proud of him the entire party.  He was so polite saying please and thank you--this was especially noticeable because the other children did not.  No judgment, I'm just saying my kiddo happened to be on his best behavior that day.  When the kids finally broke open the pinata and there was a mass scramble for candy and goodies, Roarke quietly walks over (last) and selects one sucker.  Then he rushes over to me, happy as can be, and exclaims, "Look, Mama!  I got a prize!"  All of the other parents stared at us dumbfounded.  They couldn't believe he wasn't greedily snatching up everything he could (like all the other kids were doing).  When I told him he could go back and get more, he runs over and selects a bracelet--that's it.  A pinata full of stuff and he wants one sucker and a bracelet.  He does this with Easter egg hunts too--one egg is good enough for him.  I told the other parents he must get this from his dad because my Easter basket was always full as a child.  :)  I think I may have just cancelled out all the brownie points he earned from not being greedy by being so boastful about it, but whatever.  He's my kid and he makes me proud to be his mama!

Enough talk!  These are some finished projects:

1.  Blocks for Quilting Divas Bee:
Tracey's block
Colleen's block
Corey's Hexie block
Rene's block
Jessica's block

2.  Completed quilt top for my SIL/BIL for Christmas.  I'll get around to quilting it when my batting comes in.
Nest quilt top completed!

3.  House block for The Stitchin' Bee.  This month's bee member only send scrap pieces and requested a house that reflected us.  I made a polka dot house because I love polka dots and I added a moving van since I've moved 17 times (only 2 were military moves)
My house

4.  Karrie's Wonky Stars for Putting the Bee in Christmas
Wonky Star #1 for Karrie
Wonky Star #2 for Karrie

This is a work in progress:
I'm not even half way done tracing these things!  Yikes!  Hopefully this will begin to take shape soon!


Sarah Asher said...

You amaze me...I don't know how you do it....I just can't find the time. But all your projects look fantastic.

AllieKatMom said...

Ohhh what are you working on? It looks interesting!
So glad Roarke is so well behaved, thats so cute! Aliya is always known for her manners too.

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