Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Completed Bliss top and Pattern Review

Here are some things to know about this pattern (Marmalade by Thimble Blossoms):

1. You will need 2 1/4 yards of background fabric, not 2. Unless there is something they aren't telling us about how to lay out 68 petals, I could only fit 58 on the fabric I had left after cutting the 10" squares. I even took in pictures to my LSQ to see if I was missing something.
2. If you use the Bliss line, you will need to use one of the LC cream squares for background fabric. This tip relates to #1. There is simply not enough background fabric to make the petals and the squares. The pattern does not say you will need to do this, but I did. It's not like I was going to use the cream one as a background square and a print square.
3. Follow the instruction on cutting down the fusible web. It's critical. The quilt will be SO heavy if you don't and it could hinder your quilting abilities.
4. The centers of the flowers are what I like to call Points of Doom. It's where needles go to die. I broke three needles sewing the rows together! I even upgraded the size of my needles hoping that would help to no avail. You have many layers of fabric AND fusible web. Not pleasant.
5. I wasn't a fan of how the pattern suggests to do the borders (sewing all the strips into one long strip then cut to fit each side). I find that awkward and unnecessary. To each his own.
6. If you use a lighter colored fabric over darker for the centerpiece flower (here red and aqua), the red will show through a bit at the center b/c of how thick the center of those flowers are. I'm thinking of adding a little hexie or something to the middle to hide it.
7. The instructions for making the different blocks and block layout are very good and easy to follow!
8.  There are no instructions for cutting and making the back.  Yes, it is fairly easy, but still, there should be some mention of the back
9.  The pattern instructions are in a very weird order--there is discussion of cutting binding and sewing it on before they even get to the quilt top.

I'm still undecided on how I will quilt this. I have to decide soon because it needs to be finished by next Thursday so I can give it to my LSQ for display. I'll post completed pictures soon! If anyone has any questions, just let me know!

UPDATE:  After getting a few comments I think I should point out that this pattern was not difficult, I just thought the instructions could have been better.  Other than the Point of Doom, everything was easy.  I would certainly make this again, I would just choose an alternate applique method (no more fusible web!)


Tracey Jacobsen said...

great review!

"points of doom" -- I'm in a similar boat right now with something I'm working on...

Love the quilt top. I wanted to get this pattern. I think I would change it so I didn't use fusible, and just use a glue stick for the edges, or Natalia's starch tutorial for raw edge.

It's beautiful work.

You definitely need to echo quilt those petals.

DianeY said...

Wow! It's so blissfully cute, but thank you for the honest review. It really doesn't sound like a lot of fun!

Weatherbee ;) said...

Beautiful quilt. It looks amazing! :)

amy said...

thanks so much for all of the tips!! I have this pattern but haven't made it yet, I will definitely be referencing this post when I do! Your quilt is beautiful!!!

AllieKatMom said...

Sounds like this quilt was stressful!! Well its beautiful to say the least :)

Allison B. said...

I suggest you contact Thimble Blossoms with your suggestions on how to make the pattern better. I'm sure Camille would appreciate your honest comments!

Anonymous said...

That quilt is great. I have been wanting to make this an wondered if anyone else had completed this quilt yet. You did a wonderful job, even if it caused you trouble! I saw your profile that you have only been sewing since January, you're doing good!

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