Monday, October 18, 2010

Heather Ross Sample Sale Loot

If you are a family member reading this blog for cute kid stories, this is not the post for you.

Now that I'm down to just my fellow fabric junkies....I received my package from the Heather Ross studio sale!  Since I had no clue what I would receive, I have been anxiously awaiting this moment!  I was one of the lucky people who actually got to speak with her.  She called to find out which LBAOM prints I'd like!  Although I had mentioned, in the form I filled out, that I would like some original art, she didn't bring that up in the conversation so I was ecstatic when I opened my package to find these awesome goodies!

Everything is either original art or hard to find fabric.  Am I a lucky duck or what?!?!?  I'm so happy that even with the smallest dollar amount purchases (like mine), she still put in quality pieces.  I can't wait to frame the artwork!  The green garlic sprout is my fav. 

In other happy news, I won a giveaway from Fat Quarterly!  I have not subscribed to their (online) magazine yet, but I've heard wonderful things about them and I'm always drooling over the pictures of their projects.  I'm hoping Santa will see fit to add a subscription to my presents. (hint hint SANTA)

Well, I'm off to sew some more hexies!


cilvee said...

I love the Halloween print, you lucky duck!

amy and the bad cats said...

awesome! if you ever decide you don't want the halloween piece, i'd love to buy it from you (halloween's my bday!)

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