Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homecoming and a Haircut

Chad's home!  Hooray!  Six months of being a single parent are O-V-E-R!  In some ways it feels as if he never left, in others it feels as if he's been gone forever!  Regardless, we're all overjoyed he's back, especially because he made it back in time for the holidays.

 We've been waiting for Daddy's return to get Cian his first haircut.  Mama wasted no time and it was first on our to-do list today! :)  He went from this:

To this:

SOOOOOO much better!  He was really great the whole time and just sat in Daddy's lap. 

Hopefully I'll get back to sewing soon because my list of Christmas gifts to make is loooooooong.  For now I'm enjoying some much missed family time.


Jenny said...

oh happy day Kelly! welcome home Chad! happy holidays!

AllieKatMom said...

So glad he is back!!


Tracey Jacobsen said...

Yea! And I must say -- you've done a great job Mama. :) But hooray for him being home!!! :)

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