Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm feeling very unmotivated lately and now is NOT the time!  I have tons of gifts to finish, bee blocks to make, and new projects I want to start.  I think a lot of this has to do with my newly cleaned dining room.  My son recently had his 4th birthday party (a costume party) and I cleared out most of my fabric/sewing paraphernalia from the dining room and it just looks so clean I hate to mess it up again! 

I did manage to make the favor bags for the party.  It felt really good to use up some of my stash fabrics.  A lot of these prints I just didn't know what to do with.  I liked them, or thought they would be good for kids, but I didn't have anything planned for them.  Yes, I actually have a plan for a lot of my fabric.  It's going to take me years to make everything I have planned, but there is a plan! 

I have three bee blocks to make.....soon!  I also am WAY WAY late sending Tracey a siggy block.  I did finish Cherie's blocks and siggy block, but I realized today when I was going to stick it in the mailbox that I'm out of larger envelopes.  Sigh.  I'm so not motivated to go to Walmart or the Post Office.  Oh, Sylvia, your giveaway win has not been sent either for the same reason.  I guess I'll drag my lazy behind to Walmart tomorrow.  I did manage to list some Neptune on etsy.  It actually feels nice to destash.  My list of projects was getting overwhelming so I decided to part with some fabric that would bring in a little money to sooth my hubby and would erase some projects from my to-do list.

I made two pillows a few weeks ago and I decided to list one on etsy.  I don't really hold out a lot of hope it will sell, but I don't have a need for a princess pillow so I thought I'd see what happens.  I made these as practice pillows.  I signed up for the Pillow Talk Swap, but I'd never made a pillow!  I made the "fall" one first and I really liked it.  It was not very thought out, I just grabbed some colors I though looked like Fall and went with it.  I think I need to make the covers a bit more snug, or get plumper pillows.  I was nervous they wouldn't fit so I have an extra little room.  Oh well.  Better that than too small!

Oh!  I'm almost done with my Modern Swappers package.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I have one project done and other projects picked out, including the fabric for those projects, and the fabric portion of the swap is ready.  I'm hesitant to finish because I'm no good at secrets and I'll have to keep everything to myself until December!  There's no way I can post a picture because my partner will know immediately it's hers.  I guess she may not care, but I think that kind of ruins the fun!  Anywho!  Let's hope I feel motivated soon and get some sewing done!


cilvee said...

Kelly, no worries, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I went through a slump for what seemed like all of September. Eventually something will pique your interest and put you back in the 'mood.' For now, browsing pretty project pictures on flickr helps :)

AllieKatMom said...

I am finally getting back out of mine...not fully, but its better at least. I didnt want to sew anything for about a month. Then I made myself sit down and sew. lol

Jenny said...

your pillows look great! hope your recent etsy sale helps boost your creative juices!

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