Monday, December 20, 2010

Anniversary Quilt complete!

My last homemade Christmas present is finished! Isn't is beautiful?!?!? This quilt is an anniversary quilt for my husband's grandparents who have been married over 50 years--their anniversary is on Christmas Day. Sadly, I won't be able to give it to them in person, but I'm sure my MIL will give me an accurate account of their reaction.

One of my quilting bees, Putting the Bee in Christmas, helped make 9 of these blocks and I made 3. They all did such a great job! One of my bee members, Tracey, suggested the cornerstones and I was so grateful because it really helped balance out some of the lighter blocks. I free motion quilted this one myself. My goal was to improve my stippling a bit--I wanted to make the the space between the quilting lines smaller. I tend to quilt in a bigger loopy motion, but I tried to keep it tighter this time. For the most part, I was successful. This quilt was made with a Bliss layer cake and some Kona Snow. It's backed with Bliss flannel and bound with the red and white dot print from the Bliss line (hand stitched). Now, on to the blocks:

This is the block from Hades made by me. It looks ok, but I'd never do it again! :)

Tree block made by me!

Home Sweet Home block made by me. They've lived in MO their entire lives so I thought it should be represented

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not block by Karrie

Heart block by Karrie

Wedding Ring block by Amy

Love birds by Amy

Boy meets girl block by Tracey

Dresden by Tracey

Flower power by Natalia

Spiral heart by Cherie

Circle of geese by Cherie

I simply cannot thank these ladies enough for delivering such wonderful blocks. I gave them very little instruction other than to tell them who the quilt was for and why. I'm overjoyed to be able to give this special couple a stunning quilt made with lots of love from 6 women. You ladies are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cilvee said...

I predict tears! They will love it, it is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift.

Wendy said...

Your quilt is gorgeous and I am sure they will love it.

Cherie said...

I ♥LOVE♥ it!

AllieKatMom said...

I love it too! Turned out great!

KarrieLyne said...

So happy to have been a part of such a wonderful gift!! It's so beautiful! I just love the cornerstones you added as well!

tasha said...

amazing!! i love it and how sweet to give it as a special gift!

Dresden Quilter said...

It is a gorgeous quilt filled with love and so much thought.

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