Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas pillows and (more) fabric!

I finished pillows for my in-laws.  My FIL rides a Harley and looks like a tough biker (he's a softie though).  I appliqued the skull then free motion quilted flames in black.  My MIL is pretty traditional so I went with a cross pillow modeled after Cherie's PTS4 pillow.  I think I picked fabrics to suit their personalities.

Today was a big fabric day!  My LQS had a huge sale.  If anyone is interested in the Recess charm pack/kit (there are 52 charms), let me know.  I just couldn't leave it alone in the store!  I got some fabric in the mail from Fabric Flair. Christie is super sweet, super fast on shipping, and she had a fantastic Thanksgiving day sale--no, she's not paying me to say that! :-)  She also has "lightning deals" on Facebook where she will post bundles at 50% off to the first buyer!  Check her out!

Well, I'm off to take a nap before I start my next Christmas project!  Oh, I think I finished my Modern Swappers package, but I sadly cannot show anything until they receive it since it would give away the surprise.  I may add another project if I can squeeze it in--we'll see!  I've probably already gone overboard with 4 projects, but I just get on a roll and keep thinking of things they would like!  Eh, it's the holidays! Season of giving, right?


AllieKatMom said...

You lucky ducky with all that wonderful fabric!
And I love the pillows! How did you like free motion quilting? Did I help you at all?

Lisa said...

love all your gifts. i'm so behind. i'm going to be working harder then a team of elves the week before christmas!!!

Angela said...

you can show your modern swappers package now ;)

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