Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!  I'm anxiously awaiting the order I placed with Fat Quarter Shop with my GCs from my Mama and hubby.  Don't you just love it when your family feeds your addiction?  Anywho, I'm finally out of my dark red "murder cave" as I have so lovingly called our dining room.  I am sewing in a room with natural light!  *Squeal*  My dad gave us this really heavy duty folding table and I decided it would be a perfect sewing table!  So my new baby is basking in sunlight in an apricot colored room.  Still, not my top choice as far as color, but beggars can't be choosers. :)  And, yes, I have 5 pin cushions.  I use them all so you can't make fun of me!  Some travel and some stay put, but they all have their uses.

This is the craft nook of our house.  To the left of what you see here are a bunch of built in cabinets and shelves where I house my fabric and craft goodies.  I wasn't sewing in this room before (1) because it's above the baby's room and when he took more frequent naps I wouldn't want to sew right above him and make noise and (2) I didn't have the right table for the space and (3) it's the hottest room in the house since it's upstairs and gets the most sunlight.  I've decided I can handle the heat, but my other two reasons no longer apply. 
I broke in my new machine by making a few zippy pouches.  I'm thinking of making a few to list on etsy just because.  I have a few friends who want some and it's just easier to deal with that way.  I'm just making what I like (no custom requests) and hoping other people like it too.  There's nothing worse than slaving over a project you hate, right?  I know I start to resent the time I put into things that I don't particularly care for.  No beuno.

As part of my New Year's resolution, I am determined to create more projects of my own design.  I've found since I'm so new to quilting I'm reluctant to make up my own patterns for fear they won't look good or maybe I'm just lazy, who knows.  I have found that when I do create something of my own, I'm much happier with it.  Hence, my first quilt of the new year is something I designed.  I was inspired by Jennifer and Jessica's Henna Garden challenge a while back.  I love rainbow colored quilts and this collection is perfect for that!  I'm missing one of the prints (a pink on pink), but I decided I didn't want too much pink in this quilt so I could live without it for now.  My design is nothing fancy, but I tend to like simple so that's ok.   Also, if anyone has about 1/2 yard of a good black and white print (stripes? dots?)  I could use for a binding, I'd be happy to swap for it!  I am sorely lacking in black and white!

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Tracey Jacobsen said...

ah yes... slaving over things you don't like does indeed lead to resentment. Cute pouches.

I have a really great black and white polka dot you might like... I gave a fat quarter of it away with the modern swappers (you can look in those pics to see it)... if you're interested. And if I place a order, I'll get your pink on pink! Cute quilt! :)

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