Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Working harder than an elf!

Well, I'm plugging away at Christmas gifts!  I've managed to finish a quilt, 4 pot holders, 3 pillows, a purse, and two hand towels!  I still have a quilt, two zippered bags, and some bibs to go--minimum.  There are other projects I'd like to finish, but I have a "MUST do" and a "HOPEFULLY do" list.  I'm still working on "must."  I finished these pot holders for someone (I'm not sure if I can say who since I don't know if they read my blog.)
I attempted to machine sew the binding on these at first (a-la-Red Pepper Quilts), but it looked completely crappy and I just couldn't leave it like that, so I ripped it out and hand sewed the bindings.  I also experimented a bit with some straight line quilting.  I have to admit, though I love the look, I really enjoy free motion quilting since it's faster and it hides my boo-boos much better! :)
I also completed this kitchen set of a potholder and two towels (again, I'm not saying who it's for).  This is yet another project from my good old Neptune honeybun!  So far I've made a mini quilt, three fabric baskets, a pot holder, and two kitchen towels from ONE honeybun!!!!  I still have strips left and as a matter of principle, it's my mission to completely use every last bit!  Who says you can't make anything with a honeybun?!?!?

I also finished this purse for my godmother.  This is the third of six bags I'm making for her--the other three don't have to be completed until after the new year.  Some she's keeping and some she is giving as gifts.  This one is a gift.  My big boo-boo with this one was not cutting the strips to cover the cording on the bias.  I was trying to save some time by using a scrap piece of fabric and it resulted in wrinkly cording, but I just didn't have the time or inclination to redo it.  Eh, still looks ok in the end.  This is the third time I've made the Sweet Harmony pattern, but only the first time making the smaller, handbag size.  It's a perfect for everyday use and I really love all the pockets.

This elf is off to bed!  More projects to come!


CJ said...

I am working away too on a few lists....things to sew for gifts, things to sew for others to give as gifts, things to sew. LOVE the purse! I see it is Sweet Harmony but who makes the pattern? Looks so pretty in that print.
I also LOVE the potholder fabric (I have some on the way!!!!) and I can hardly wait to use it on something fun and funky.

CJ said...

I looked it up, I thought it might be the Amy Butler pattern and it is. So does it go together fairly easy??

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