Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shake My Bon-Bon!

Two awesome things happened today!  First off, I sold my Wonderland quilt on Etsy!  How freakin' cool!  No, my mom didn't buy it!  A very nice lady who saw it on Flickr bought it.  I was so surprised and excited!!!!  I now have money in my fabric fund.  Hubby says it's ok to spend my profits on more fabric--hooray, no guilt.....well, Angela will be disappointed when I fall off my fabric diet, but I'm too giddy to be ashamed!

Also, Cherie picked my blog for a Leibster Award!  The idea is that it is for blogs with "small" followings (less than 300), so it's been a fun week seeing all sorts of blogs that I wouldn't have ordinarily found.  So, to pass it on, here are 3 blogs I think are worth visiting:

Jules is awesome!  Check out her selvage quilt in progress--totally amazing! 

Selvage Quilt Progress
She also makes great kids clothes, blankets, and baby items that she sells on etsy.  As an added bonus, her husband writes a hilarious blog called Daddy Geek Boy. 

Lisa is in a virtual quilting bee of mine and she participates in a lot of the same swaps.  She was my mystery partner for Make Mine Modern the first round and made me a fantastic tote bag to put my beach blanket quilt in (our bee made the blocks).  She has an incredible crafting area--I'm so jealous!
Craft Room

Jenny is yet another of my crazy talented Flickr friends!  Check out this quilt Color wheel quilt
Need I say more?

I know I'm only supposed to do 3, but Beth is pretty great too!  She makes the MOST adorable baby shoes!!!!  Reversible Baby Shoes, Elephants on Blue
Check her out on etsy here:


Ducks and Rabbits said...

Congrats on selling the Wonderland quilt - it's worth every penny :). How exciting that you can reward yourself with some new stash.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

fun blogs. :) Thanks for the link!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the recogniztion Kelly!
congratulations again on your etsy sale! what fabrics are on your 'to buy' list??

Kelly said...

congrats on the sale, again! it was great "meeting" you the other day! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the sale and the award. And thanks for paying it forward. :)

Lisa said...

Enjoy spending your profits!!! Thanks for the award :)

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