Friday, February 11, 2011

Mermaids and Mystery Stains

I finished Amy's block for VIBs tonight.  She asked for triangles, but I had to throw some parallelograms in there so I could get bigger pieces of mermaids.  I think she gave me those trusting I would highlight the mermaids.  I hope I didn't disappoint!  This block measures 16.5" (finishes at 16")
Amy's block

I am also sad to report this mystery stain on my Nicey Jane quilt.  I was going to donate it to Tracey for charity.  I took it out to take some new/better pictures only to discover this blue mystery stain that runs through the quilt to the other side.  I have no idea what it is or where it came from.  Two months ago I had given the quilt to a member of my guild to see if it would work for a friend of hers who was looking for a baby quilt.  I know it was perfect when I gave it to her and I never looked at it when I got it back (they said it wasn't "baby" enough).  I honestly don't know if this happened while the quilt was in her posession, but I'm heartbroken I can't get it out.  I had a few people suggest rubbing alcohol since it looks like ink, but it hasn't worked yet.

In other crafty news, I made a new skirt (AB's Barcelona pattern, the A-line skirt version) with some of my AMH voile.  It came out nice, but I need to cut some off the top of the pattern next time.  I already knew the skirt was long so I trim about 3-4 inches off the bottom, but the skirt also sits high on me--I prefer my skirt to sit on my hips, not up by my waist.  Sorry, no picture right now.  I don't see the point of posting just a picture of the skirt without a body in it and I'm too pasty white right now to pose for a skirt picture! :)  Speaking of skirts, does anyone have a good tutorial/tips/website to teach me about heming a skirt?  I can do it, but, being circular, sometimes there are tiny bunches on the underside of my hem.  It doesn't show on the outside, but I don't like knowing it's there.

I have patterns to make two new tops (also with AMH voile) to hopefully add to my wardrobe.  I'm a total novice at clothing, but I tried to choose my patterns wisely by researching extensively on  I'll keep you all posted!


Katie B said...

Love that block! What a bummer about the stain on your NJ quilt.

Anonymous said...

try a "waterless hand soap" ( paint store, hardware store) or a little carpet spot remover.or even dawn.

Cherie said...

What about Oxy Clean? That is such a beautiful quilt! And not baby enough?!?! That's one of my favorite lines for girls.

Dory Ellen said...

I'm not sure if rubbing alcohol is different than denatured alcohol (I looked it up and it's a bit unclear), but I used denatured alcohol to get blue acrylic paint out of carpet (did not discolor the carpet) and to get black pen out of a cloth lampshade (also did not discolor). Hope that helps. Good luck!

Angela said...

I'm with Cherie...not baby enough?! I guess they wanted dancing hippos in tutus or something. Bah.

I've been wanting to make the barcelona skirt myself. Maybe I'll borrow that pattern from you when you are done. ;) NO rush. lol

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry about your NJ quilt! That is so disappointing.

I love the Barcelona Skirt pattern and I've made it many times. It definitely fits me better when I cut a few inches from the top so that it rests on my hips. I've also modified it to be a little slimmer and less A line: I just measured a straight line down from the widest point of the hip and I really love the way it fits.

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