Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purses and Pouches

I made three new bags for my etsy store.

AB bag
Inside of AB bag with full length zipper
Side view of AB bag
Echino bag
Inside of Echino bag--full length zipper
Close up of handles
Dewberry bag
Inside of Dewberry bag--full length zipper
Close up of handles

I'm hoping to sell a few before hubby and I go on vacation at the end of April.  We're going to Las Vegas and Portland so I need gambling and fabric money! :) 

pouch icon
Also, Michelle (of i like orange too) have started a new swap!  The Pretty {little} Pouch Swap!  Check out all the details here!  Feel free to join us!  Sign ups end April 8th!  We'll be posting links to tutorials to help everyone out.  Don't be afraid of zippers ladies!  You can do it!


Angela said...

I wish that we had been in contact...we probably could have combined our swaps. lol. Oh well. Great minds think alike. I hope that you get your weekender bag!

I'm drooling with envy both over the fact that you have all that lovely Echino and that you are going to Portland, land of fabulous fabric stores!

Kerry Schultz said...

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