Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bazaar 411

Well, I did it.  It's over!  I shared this TINY booth with a friend of mine, Melanie.  We had no idea how small it would be with all our stuff in it!  We set up the day before and we had no room for anything!

Crowded much?  

My pouch display.

Table runners/toppers/coasters/placemats/baskets/baby items

The day-of we did more rearranging, but basically, we had to stand outside our booth so that other people could go in and browse.  

I think the tight space hindered our sales because people passing by would see how crowded it was and just keep walking.  Boo!  I did sell two quilts, the Prince Charming/Puddle Jumper one and the Rainbow charm square one with the Noah's Ark print on the back.

My and my craft apron all ready to go!  Please excuse my fly-away hair!  I couldn't even hang the banner I made because we didn't have room (and weren't allowed to use the wall for our signs)

While I did sell a good amount, I have tons left!  If any of my blog readers are interested in anything, please comment or email and let me know.  I'll cut you guys a deal since it will save me from having to list so much on etsy!  If you want close up pictures of anything, most items I made for the bazaar can be found here.

Prices are only good until I start listing on etsy next week!
Small flat pouches will be $6-8
pouches with straps are $15--3 left (grey elephants, teal hummingbird, Parisville)
large boxy bags are $16--I have a Echino giraffe one and a bird one left
tote bags are $16--3 left, 2 are 1 is Echino scooters, one is helicopters
iPad cases are $17--4 left  3 left (lego, pink cars, blue bicycles)
washcloths (set of 3 for boy or girl) $6
drawstring bags $17--one left, blue with apples, yellow on top, striped drawstrings
burpcloths (set of 3, girl only, 2 sets left) $10
Bliss coasters with decorative stitching and flannel backing $6
Christmas coasters, $5 SOLD
Denyse Schmidt County Fair camera wristlet (Keyka Lou pattern) $15
Hometown placemats $20
Cloud 9 Organic Baby Boy quilt with pillow $75
Bliss table topper (hand sewn hexagons) $45
"FAMILY" table runner (in Farmdale fabrics) $33 SOLD
"LOVE" pillow in pink or purple (SOLD) with handstitching $19
Sherbet Pips chalkboard with pockets $13 SOLD
Christmas Star circle quilt/table topper $40
AMH voile/flannel receiving blanket $38
Ruby Hexagon quilt and 20" pillow $135
Watermelon Neapolitan baby quilt $65
Hunky Dory baby quilt $60 SOLD
Potholders/trivets $7

More items left over!  They need a good home!


Karen P. said...

I'd love to help you out! I think it would save me some christmas sewing!;) I'm thinking the clutches with the fob/handle,cosmetic pouches, & what are all those goodies stacked on the left side? Bliss table topper, baby quilts? Let me know what you were thinking as far as prices & I'll give you an order.:)

Unknown said...

how fun! craft fairs are so fun, but too much work! I did one last year, sold well, but I like to sew for the hell of it... hope you made your FMF cash flow!!! Your order intimidated me! LOL

Tracey Jacobsen said...

Got any good diaper clutch type pouches? That would fit some wipes and diapers?

And I'm trying to decide if Scarlet needs that Ruby quilt. ;)

Tracey Jacobsen said...

Oh, and you did an AMAZING job too... by the way. :)

I hope your fabric endeavors are fully funded for a while. ;)

Ali said...

You can just set aside a boxy pouch for my month of the bee! :) And you must be set for Christmas.

I have noticed at craft fairs (and stores) that less is more because it's easier for customers to see what there is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly
Glad to hear it went so well for you babe!
I would love to help you out too. My Christmas sewing list is endless. Do you still have the family table runner left? I'd definitely be interested in that. And what tote bags & box pouches do you have left?
Kat xx

Kirsten said...

You made some gorgeous items for the Bazaar!! If you have anything using the Echino fabrics that has the elephant on it I would really be interested?

Unknown said...

Is there any chance you are selling the FMF round rainbow cushion thing? I loved it from the second I saw it! :-)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Kelly, have you still got the Nun pouch?

Shame you didn't sell out - but glad you did OK towards the FMF spree!

Katy Cameron said...

Sorry it wasn't a sell out, and that your space was so small. I remember getting my first stall at a teddy bear fair and staring at this tiny table while thinking WTH?! Hope you get an online sell out :o)

Katie B said...

Hey, chick! Can I hit you up for an iPad case?

Lori said...

I would love the purple scooter echino tote! Can we purchase on your shop?

Marci Girl said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm interested in some boy washcloths (how many sets do you have?) and what drawstring pouches do you have left? Just email me, thanks so much! Marci

Mrs. Val's Sewing said...

Are the small pouch with straps the camera pouches?


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