Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Almost Time!

Bazaar time that is!  I'm nervous, excited, and anxious for my bazaar on Saturday.  I still wish I could have made a few more things, mainly some larger quilts.  I only have one lap sized quilt to bring and it's on the small side.  Everything else is either a baby quilt, household item, or pouch.  Oh well!  Too late to stress now!  I did make this banner today to hang in front of my booth.  Yes, I'll take pictures of my booth!
I also made this craft apron to wear so I can keep any last minute emergency items handy.

Another last minute project were these Scrabble-inspired coasters.  I love this idea!

This is the quilt I will be donating to the bazaar's silent auction to benefit a women's shelter.  

This is the only Christmas-themed item I have (besides the matching coasters in the same fabric).  I'm just not too excited about holiday fabric in general, but I loved this text print!  

I've had these tote bags done for a while, but I just recently finished sewing the handles on.  I wish I would have had time to make a few more!

Stay tuned because next week I'll tell you how to get a cute scissor/monkey shirt like this....on sale!  It comes in purple, white, and red.


Unknown said...

I adore those Scrabble Coasters! What a great idea!

**nicke... said...

good luck girlie! i hope you sell out!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Looking good!
Have a fun time and sell loads!
Looking forward to monkey-scissors xxx

Katie B said...

Good luck!!!! You have such an awesome selection. You're not going to know what to do with yourself when this is over!

Katy Cameron said...

Sure you'll have a fab time and sell loads. Not sure how you can bear to part with all that Echino in one go though, having slight heart palpitations here!

Marci Girl said...

Good luck and I hope you sell tons and tons!

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