Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Good Turn

My friend Ali has been helping me tremendously with getting the LOVE letters, along with the rest of the paper pieced alphabet I drew, ready for you guys.  In return, I made a sample of a paper-pieced pattern she created based on the math equation y = 1 / x  She a math teacher, so she's allowed to be nerdy like that. :)  

I was originally going to recreate the picture she had on her blog, but I didn't have enough of the right colors, so my color selection was based solely on which colors I had enough of!  I used Kona Ash for the background and the rest is a mix of Kona (the yellows), Bella (aquas), and Free Spirit (coral) solids.  I will say that Free Spirit is my favorite line for solids--much softer feel and more saturated colors.  

This quilt measure 36" square.  There are 36, 6" blocks entirely paper pieced.  I did this in a day so it wasn't so bad as far as paper piecing goes!  If anyone wants my cutting info:  

1.25 yards of background fabric (39" to be exact)
  • subcut into (6) 6.5"xWOF strips
  • from each strip, cut (6) 6.5" squares

.25 yards of 6 different solids
  • sub-cut each of the 6 colors into (4) 2.25"xWOF strips. 
  • from the strips cut (12) 7"x2.25" pieces and (18) 4"x2.25" pieces

This little charm is going to Ali as part of my "thank you" for helping me sooooooooo much!  You're the best girl!  Oh, just so you guys believe me when I say the pattern is coming, I'll give you a little sneak peak of the graphics Ali created for me!

Crossing my fingers that the next time I blog I'll have everything ready to share!!!!


  1. I love that pattern! And I can't wait for LOVE!

  2. Your mini is great! And love your letters!

  3. Really cool pattern! I'm looking forward to your letters too!

  4. im so mathmatically challenged, but this quilt looks cool kelly. you are so efficient with your sewing...that must be it cause i can't finish a darn thing in one day!!!

    looking forward to your pattern!

  5. love that pattern. it is so different than the typical quilt and there is something about it that is so appealing to me. so excited for your pattern! SOOO excited!

  6. only you could do that in a day Kelly. the rest of us would take at least 2 days. lol

    Great pattern Ali! You know I love and appreciate all things mathematical!

  7. The quilt top is stunning and I'm really liking the Echo prints.
    But I really can't wait for the Love pattern and the rest of the alphabet.

  8. I saw this last night on Ali's blog and loved it, I think you both got a great trade!

  9. The pattern and th colors are fabulous. Nice job!