Friday, January 20, 2012


I recently got an iPhone (hooray!)  Here are some snippets of my life today in Instagram.

Princesses, unicorns, flowers, oh my! I may struggle to part with this one!
Finished my Far Far Away top.  I think I'm keeping this one--unless someone makes me an outrageous offer.  :)

Received one of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day prizes from Katy (imagingermonkey on Flickr).  Isn't it fab?!?!?  I won two other prizes on Giveaway Day, but I forgot to take pictures, oops!

Liberty lining!!!!!
The pouch is lined with Liberty!!!!!

My boys are loving all the pictures I'm taking of them on the phone!  They don't really like my camera, but they think the phone is fun!

I also got some fun quilting news today, but you all have to wait until March for the details! 


**nicke... said...

we have to wait until march! oh you sly little minx! can't wait to see what the news is... you are probably going to become the next melody miller! the pictures are great! i love the far far away quilt! and your pouch is lined with liberty! i love katy! she really spoiled you!

Unknown said...

What's your instagram name? I love it so much at the moment... I'm @laurajanetaylor :-)

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, love your new quilt, I'd sew your name on it, just to show it's all yours ;o)

Jodi Godfrey said...

I wish I could offer you an outrageous sum for your quilt! It's beautiful! I'm really enjoying all your work, Kelly! And I can't wait to see more photos of you living in your new home! Jodi. x

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You can have one, two or all three of my kids in return for the Far Far Away if you like xxx

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Oohhhh I love that quilt!!

Terri said...

love the quilt to. Instagram is fun I will have to find you on there so see all the great photos.

Jacey said...

Beautiful quilt, Kelly! I wouldn't blame you for keeping it. I can't wait to hear your quilty news in a few months!

And I got your scrap package. I'm hoping to use them up quickly. They're lovely!

Your pouch from Katy rocks!!

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