Sunday, February 26, 2012

Many Projects, FAQ, and a Basting Video

Friday night's completed work!
These are the three quilts I completed Friday night!
Herringbone quilt
The quilt in the video.
Back of Herringbone quilt
Back side view

binding on Herringbone quilt
Close up of binding with invisible thread.

Quilt 1 of 3 from Friday night
I just love this pattern!  I used Camille's version from her Simplify book, but I know there is a Moda Bakeshop tutorial for something similar!

Pillow covers for a giveaway @amberhousley workshop
I made these pillow covers Saturday night.  They're for a giveaway at a workshop I'm attending next weekend in Nashville.

Playing around with some HSTs and Amy Butler
I'm also playing around with some Amy Butler Love charms I've had for 2 years!  It was about time to use them in something!  I think this will be a nice size lap quilt (about 50"x60").

Who knew my FMQ video would spark so many questions?!?!?  I'm going to try and answer all of them here so I don't have to continually send the same emails. :)  I'm also posting a video of how I baste.

1.  I have a Baby Lock Symphony--no, I do not have a stitch regulator
2.  I use Gutterman poly thread for everything.  Aurifil doesn't like me, but my friend Tracey has the same machine and she loves Aurifil, go figure!
3.  I spray baste using 505
4.  I use size 80 or 90 needles to FMQ
5.  I machine stitch binding to the BACK of my quilts then use invisible thread to stitch it to the front. 
6.  I don't use any particular brand of invisible thread, just whatever is at the store when I need it
7.  I cut my binding at 2.25" on the straight grain unless I'm using premade bias binding.
8.  I can get about 5 lap size quilts or 10 baby size quilts from one can of 505.  This is a rough estimate.
9.  The style of FMQ I use is very easy for me in part because I used to draw and paint a lot and one of my favorite things to draw is underwater scenes (I'm a Pieces, ha ha!).  Do you see where this is going?  I drew seaweed ALL THE TIME so the movement to create the stipple look comes naturally from that.  I would suggest doodling to find what movement comes naturally to you and translate that on to a quilt rather than try and copy how other people do it.  This is the only form of FMQ that I can do easily.  I try and make swirls and it looks like a hot mess!  Stick with what you know!

Here's a little video of me spray basting!


Beth said...

Haha! I read that as you use 80 or 90 needles to gnome, not size!

beth said...

Another nice and quick visual!! Thanks!

Jen said...

Looks pretty easy! Thanks for the video!!

Anonymous said...

I too have made that quilt from Camille's book. It's one of my favorites. Think I even used the same fabric as you...Sweetwater right?

Anonymous said...

I too have made that quilt from Camille's book. It's one of my favorites. Think I even used the same fabric as you...Sweetwater right?

Deborah said...

What a power packed blog post! Is that Echo fabric....not sure but I love it! And your meandering is lovely. More practice and maybe I'll get there!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

My internet is being ridiculously slow right now, but I want to watch how you baste! I've been a pin-baster, but want to make the switch. :)

Debbie said...

3 quilts - wow! Especially love your echo quilt!!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

A tonne of fantastic stuff x

Katy Cameron said...

Very productive missus!

tasha said...

hi kelly!

you are an amazing quilter! i watched both of your videos and i think i learned a couple things. i noticed your FMQ is a little larger scale than mine, so that probably makes it go a little faster. i think i'll try that. still, your quilting is sooo much prettier than mine! also, i have always pinned to baste my quilts. it makes me start and stop more when i'm quilting to avoid or take out a pin. the spray would eliminate that. i was surprised how well the spray held everything together. thank you for your videos!! you are definitely on my list of people to help with market items! i have to find out more information about all that, but i'll let you know when i find everything out!! thanks for the offer. :) now i totally want to FMQ!!! i just need some new batting. :)

Jacey said...

Dang! I just caught up on your blog, and the FMQ speed is incredible! I haven't tried spray basting yet, but I've been wanting to give it a try.

**nicke... said...

i baste the exact same way! we are twins!

K in Puyallup said...

I am looking at the Babylock and am curious what other machines you considered when purchasing and why you chose this machine? While I know many times cost is a the top of our lists...past that what drew you to the Babylock Symphony?

Lisa said...

I think when I tried spray basting I sprayed the batting... Which is probably why it went so horribly wrong. Thanks for the video. I'll have to give it another shot. And I agree with an comment above... My FMQ is smaller then yours. I'm going to have to try to make it bigger/spread it out and maybe I'll be more productive. Good tips.

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