Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nashville Nikki

Non-instagramed pic of Nikki tote
I'm headed to Nashville for a workshop at the beginning of March so I made a new bag!  This is the Nikki Tote designed by my friend, Michelle.  The pattern is wonderful!  Her instructions are really clear, but to be perfectly honest, I only read through them once because I've made so many bags.  I shrunk the pattern down a tad (I printed at 85%), but I wish I would have made the full size, I like a big bag! 

Nikki tote close up
I also didn't make the cool handles Michelle designed because I didn't have any buttons on hand and I was impatient.  :)  I used an Anna Maria Horner home decorator weight for the exterior and Essex Yard Dyed in black for the handles.  

Inside view of Nikki tote
I sort of love the inside more than the outside!  I used Riley Blake's So Sophie dots for the main interior and then some Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and Heather Ross Far Far Away II for the pockets.  Love love love how these fabrics work together!

AMH mini progress
I also finished hand quilting this little mini!  I'm now thinking of doing something similar on my big Good Folks bee quilt!  It will take forever, but that quilt is so special I think it deserves special quilting!  Now I have to decide if I want to do an all over pattern like on this mini or if I want to quilt each block differently.  Decisions!

I'm thinking herringbone.....
This is what I'm cutting into tonight for my friend, Sara.  I think I'm going to try Holly's herringbone block!


Tracey Jacobsen said...

I love this bag... and that stack of fabrics too. And yes, the quilting on the mini would be amazing on your bee quilt... it's so cute on there.

I have like three bags to make -- one is cut, and even has most the interfacing on it! >:-O

Katy Cameron said...

Cool bag, and love your wee mini! I'd like to come over and kidnap that wee pile of fabric too, 'k? ;o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

The bag is lovely, especially the inside and loving your fabric combo stack x

**nicke... said...

i love the inside of that bag so much. the outside is very cute too! i need to buy the pattern. one can never have too many bags right! :)

felicity said...

Hand quilting is a lot easier to change block by block, I find so that's my vote. Plus that bee quilt is really special.

Jacey said...

The hand quilting looks wonderful! I also vote for each block being quilted differently on your big Good Folks. I think it would make for a more exciting quilting experience! Your new bag is awesome! I'm thinking of you today, Kelly!

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