Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catch Up Via Instagram

I've gotten a bit lazy about blogging because I've gotten addicted to Instagram!  Here's a little catch up for you:

Coffee table topper for my MIL's b-day.
A table topper for my MIL's birthday

Close up of hand quilting
Added a little hand quilting too!

Quilted to the hilt! :)
Finished quilting the dickens out of this quilt!

Whoo hoo! Finished my new bag! #quiltndrinkparty
Made myself a new bag!

Off on an adventure with my new bag!
I love it and carry it all the time!

Um. Obsessed much? Scrap pack destash coming soon!
I sorted through this mess so I was only left with....

Down sized!

Made a cover for my Mom Agenda!
Made a cover for my day planner!

Backing for my epic @annamariahorner quilt came today! Going to bind in a dark teal.
Bought backing for my EPIC Anna Maria Horner quilt I posted about earlier this month

Trying out a new layout in my sewing room!
I rearranged my sewing room

New home for my machine!
I love my machine here, except I have to use a stool for my foot pedal since the table is so high!

Salted pretzel toasted marshmallow bars! Thank you Food network!
I made these yummy salted pretzel toasted marshmallow bars (recipe on www.foodtv.com).  If you make them, they taste better if you refrigerate them when they are done, then put them out on the counter the next day to come up to room temp. 

Seaside inspired triangle quilt
Finished this quilt for my photographer friend.  I can't wait to see some cute babies on this one!

Whew!  More catch up to come!  Don't forget about the last month of the My Precious QAL and giveaway!!!!  Cut into that stash!


Deborah said...

Really lovely post. i'm wondering what pattern you used for your bag? I love it!

Barbara said...

Does your sewing machine have a button that you can use to stitch on and off? Mine does. I use it in place of the machine foot because I am short and hard for me to reach while sitting. Just a thought. Great pictures.

Katy Cameron said...

Woohoo, you go girl! That was seriously prolific output there :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been incredibly busy!! And time to cook too!

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Boy, mid August and I have so much to do! You are way ahead of me!!! Beautiful work!

**nicke... said...

you have been a busy bee! miss you! i need to get instagram...

Border Collie Lipstick said...

Both bags are adorable and the free motion quilting looks like fun. I'm still trying to build up the courage to give it a try :)

Kristan said...

Hi Kelly! I found you through Threadbias and I'm in love with your blog now. So sorry if I seem stalkerish. :)

I love your sewing space...especially all your darling wall hangings. Did you make them all? I like the "snip snip sew" one the most I think. Do you mind if I snatch that idea for my own sewing room?

That triangle quilt is GREAT!!

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