Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Winner and Stash Bash

I meant to post this before I left for Stash Bash, but I crammed in a last minute sewing project so I didn't have time!  The winner of the Micro Mod FQ bundle and the Green Bee pattern (according Mr. RNG) is 

I really get excited when someone I know wins!  It's almost like I won.........ALMOST.  ha ha!  Congrats Jenny!  I'll get your fabric in the mail soon!  Don't forget about the rest of the sew along: 
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April 3 - Kelly at Kelbysews
April 5 - Amanda at the Craft Junky
April 6 - Rachael at Imagine Gnats
April 8 - Heather at alamode
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April 17 - Faith at Fresh Lemons
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April 24 - Jenny at the Southern Institute
April 25 - Amy from sukie don't ya know
April 26 - Jen from Betty Crocker Ass
April 27 - Sara from Sew Sweetness
April 29 - Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey
April 30 - Amber from One Shabby Chick
May 1 - Alexia & Rob Green Bee GRAND PRIZE

So this weekend I went to Stash Bash!  It was held at what could only be described as an empty summer camp, just south of Atlanta.

Now THIS is how you travel handmade! A Weekender, a Birdie Sling, a duffel, and a Jane Market tote! #thestashbash
I packed up all my stuff in some stylin' handmade bags!

At subway with @stephaniefinol and then it's on to #thestashbash We're only about 20 minutes away!!!!
I drove down with this sweet lady (Stephanie) who lives just down the road from me!

@annamariahorner Field Study linen @amybutlerdesign Birdie Sling complete and ready for #thestashbash
I even managed to squeeze in time to make this Birdie Sling from the recently released Field Study linen!  Thanks to Amanda at Westwood Acres for her lightning fast shipping!!!

The picturesque location of #thestashbash I ❤the South!!!
Seriously, look at how gorgeous this place was!!!!  What's more unbelievable was the food!  A former chef from the Ritz Carlton works there part-time and the food was truly stellar!  We were all shocked.  To be fair, it wasn't necessarily HEALTHY, but it was yummy! :)

Really, this was our view while we worked!

Katie (on L) was a work horse the whole time she was there and the Amanda, Jacey, and Safieh were so much fun to sit next to!!!

Elena was always smiling!

Our little station

Cherie is flexing her awesome triceps for us! :)  

My purchases/goodies from @stashfabrics !! #thestashbash
Beth from Stash Fabrics was there and we all raided the huge pile of fabric she brought!  I got these goodies right away and I *may* have gone back for more! 

We also took a field trip to Scarlet Thread (a local quilt shop)  

They had a cool display of paint stir things hanging from the ceiling!

Amylouwho is sexy at the cutting table!

Neato pearl cotton display!

Finished a little pouch with some of the screen printed swag that @amandahall25 gave us at #thestashbash
We even got swag bags!  Amanda Hall donated this screen printed pouch kit which I immediately whipped up into an adorable pouch!  

Thanks for teaching us about screen printing @amandahall25 !!! #thestashbash
She even took hours out of her own sewing time to show us all how to screen print and let us raid her supplies and screens to make our own!  I printed these arrows and I printed some Harry Potter glasses onto a tote bag!  It was so fun and I can't thank Amanda enough for being so generous with her time and supplies!  She was a fabulous teacher!

Hanging with @hotpinkstitches the Cuban hottie while she uses my @babylocksewing machine #thestashbash
While my sweet friend, Elena, used my BabyLock (we have the same machine and she was flying so I told her she could use mine and I'd bring other projects), I managed to baste this monster:

MY AMH quilt top is done!
I'm going to attempt to hand quilt it.  Wish me luck!

@annamariahorner Field Study linen picnic top complete!!! #thestashbash
I whipped up this linen picnic quilt top while I was there too!  Again, using the Field Study linen.  This line is cooky and fun, I love it!  I plan to hand-tie this quilt--a first for me!  I really love Anna Maria Horner's prints in a simple patchwork style like this. They're just so pretty and unique!

First 5 blocks for @annkelle custom quilt! This is 1 of 6 block styles I'm using. #thestashbash
I'm also working on a custom quilt for Kelle Boyd (Ann Kelle).  This is 1 of 6 styles of blocks I'll be making.  The cutting is a nightmare, but I think the sewing will go really quickly!  I may even get motivated and write up the pattern.

Going to miss my girls @a_2_w and @hotpinkstitches !!! We all matched in our stripes today!
I was sad to leave on Sunday!  I'm especially going to miss my fellow striped ladies, Ali and Elena!  

Can't wait for Stash Bash 2014!!!


Kristie said...

Looks like so much fun, miss you girls!!!

Tonya A. said...

oooh- that looks like it was so much fun! (so jealous! lol)
hope I will be able to find a fun retreat like that to go to someday soon! :)

stefanie said...

Sounds like loads of fun. I need to go to something like that one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Way to much fun to have without the rest of us being there! LOL!

Jenny said...

what the what? really! thank you kelly! and Alexia & Rob! sooo excited to play with these fabrics and a new pattern!

My head must really be in a hole... I never even heard of stash bash until your pics on flirck! looks like a really great time. i love sewing in a community setting.

thanks again kelly

Unknown said...

Looks like LOADS of fun!!! And I can't believe you are hand quilting your AMH beast! Good luck!!!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

What an awesome weekend xxx

Katie B said...

It was great to see you in person girlie! :)

Unknown said...

More than a little jealous!

I keep thinking about your beautiful bags at the start of this post. I don't suppose you could link to the patterns you used? I'm in desperate need of new bags (actually that's a total lie, I have bags and it's just that I want more bags & nicer bags!)

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