Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Instagram-fueled Catchup

I swear I'm here and sewing!  
Cleaned up a little bit! I still have a ton of fabric to fold and put up, but the floor and counters are mostly cleared! #sewmessy
Babylock Symphony is my main sewing machine, top right. The Babylock Tiara is my quilting machine, bottom left.
I had to clean things up because it was getting messy in my sewing room!

Super freaking awesome mail day from @insidethepaperbox and @acraftyfox_amanda !!!! Eeeep! Amanda thank you for the killer scraps!!!!
Had a great day thanks to Jessie (the mini dresden) and Amanda of Westwood Acres (the fabric)

A little Briar Rose mini to tide me over until July! Thanks again @acraftyfox_amanda for the scraps!
I used the Briar Rose scraps to make a mini, though now I'm thinking of taking it apart to make it one long rectangle--just to be different!

PTS 10 progress
I'm working on a pillow for Pillow Talk Swap 10! 

Lots and lots of Liberty HST. Are we liking the simple layout or should I try something more complex?
I'm also working on a Fall-hued Liberty quilt!  Lots of neutrals in this one.   It's not my usual rainbow fest, but I'm sort of liking it!

Candy coated ballerina top for @annkelle complete! Now to make the backing and quilt this yumminess! @babylocksewing
I'm also getting ready to quilt this one!  It's a custom order for Ann Kelle and it looks like candy to me! Love all the solids!

I'm also working on a little review and video for my Babylock Tiara! I've had a number of questions about it and I find that video is the easiest way to answer them.  


Nilya said...

Oh wow, so many projects...

I saw your beautiful sewing place on flickr already, soooo lovely.. you lucky one ;-)

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Your sewing space looks gorgeous! I'm so hoping that pillow is for me :o)

Emily said...

Your sewing room looks so fun. I love the orange peel design mini-quilt on the wall. I'm planning to do a bed quilt with that kind of design and I'm wondering how yours is assembled. Is it pieced or appliquéd? And if appliquéd, raw edges or turned under? Thanks!

Christine said...

I love your sewing room. What a happy place to sew!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the table that your domestic machine is on? I am moving to a new house (new sewing room) and am looking for a table similar to that style.


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You didn't mention the blagging!

Anonymous said...

your sewing space is enchanting! You make me want to leave work and go home and clean up my studio!!! I really admire the vast array of projects that you are working on.

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