Sunday, June 9, 2013

Winner, Swaps, and a Gift

Chance to win a new Olfa Splash rotary cutter on my blog! link in my profile #olfa #giveaway
The winner of the Olfa rotary cutter is Cheryl of Ladybug Lane!  Congrats!

My partner likes me better than yours!
This was the swap package I sent to Kelly L. for PTS 10.  She seemed pretty happy and posted lots of pics (which is always the best form of thank you in my opinion!)

$&?!@&!!!?$&!!!! Commence screaming and jumping up and down! @cutsewpresslove I'm about to faint with joy. My PTS10 is the BEST PILLOW EVER!!!! MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!❤
I received this AWESOME package from Melissa!!!!  I was thrilled, over-the-moon, so in love with everything!  You can see a more up close picture of her beautiful hand quilting HERE.

My awesome storage hoop from @cutsewpresslove phenomenal PTS10 swap package! Already up on my wall and looking cute! #thankyou
Look at the adorable storage hoop!!!!

Quick and simple baby girl quilt top! Now if only I had girl! #sundaysewing
I made this quick baby quilt last week when I was procrastinating cleaning my house.  :)  ha ha!  It's just (16) 10" squares that I cut out a 3" strip, assembled back together, then trimmed. Easy peasy!

New quilt? Maybe triangles or log cabin. Can't decide! #quilting #pickingfabricisthebestpart
I also took this stack of pretties and made.....

Triangle quilt top complete! #triangleman #babylock
This quilt!  I love the triangles, but, to be honest, I really stink at getting the points to look pretty and meet up.  Oh well!  There is always room for improvement!  Hopefully I'll get better the next time!  


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

At last something that you aren't ace at, (although those points look bloody fine from here!) xxx

Lisa said...

The sherbert colours of your triangle quilt, with the addition of the black are wonderful. I am in love.

Rachel said...

I love your triangle quilt! Don't worry about the points, it won't be noticeable after quilting :) and could you tell me what that math print is? It's a must get for my stash

nicole said...

Wow! Love your triangle quilt! The colours are fantastic... i also would love to know what the math print is!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

The triangle quilt looks fantastic! I've noticed a lot of triangle quilts lately. What kind of ruler did you use?

Jennifer said...

WHAT are you even talking about - those points line up awesomely! I love the colors, definitely need to try this kind of quilt top soon

Linh said...

Everything looks great to me including thr pretty triangles!

Carla said...

I think it looks great. Out of curiosity, which triangle ruler do you prefer? I'm gearing up for a triangle quilt and need a ruler. Thanks!

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