Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweat Shop

I've been hard at work lately between gifts and finishing up custom orders!  One of my favorite go-to gifts are these voile/velveteen infinity scarves!  Anna Maria Horner has a great tutorial on her blog, though I use different measurements since I find hers a bit bulky.  For mine, I use one yard of voile and one yard of velveteen to get TWO scarves.  I cut two pieces of velveteen 13"x36" then sew together along the 13" end to get a 13"x72"ish piece.  Repeat with the voile.  Then follow Anna Maria Horner's instructions!  Well, I also sort of cheat and machine stitch everything closed with invisible thread.  Shhhhhh!  Don't tell anyone I'm too lazy to hand stitch!

Dobby voile and leopard velveteen scarf done!

Purple velveteen/voile scarf done!

Last one for the night!

Infinity scarves + totes on clearance at Old Navy= teacher gifts done!!!
Then I put all the scarves in some totes I got on clearance at Old Navy.  Voila!  Teacher gifts!

Quilted, bound, washed, dried, and ready to go to it's new home! Experimented with three separate quilting styles on this. Sadly, the tension wasn't great on one method. Hopefully the person who receives it won't care! #nobodyisperfect
I also finished this quilt, which has been partially quilted for months, and gave it to my friend, Ryan, because he's cool and I just felt like giving it away.  :)

Finally framed the mini Dresden @insidethepaperbox made me! I painted the matting of a frame on clearance at Pottery Barn.
Jessie made me this mini dresden forever ago and I finally found the perfect frame for it……after I painted the matting that awesome color!  Can't wait to hang this up!

3 boxy bags done! Birds are a gift, deer is for @rachelgriffith and middle text one is for sale.
A few more boxy bags for gifts!

@libertylondon trees done!!!! @crazymomquilts pattern is my favorite!
Some Liberty Christmas trees as gifts for special ladies!


Unknown said...

Lovely! Gosh I wish my house had been a sweat shop, instead I've still got lots of sewing to do & some small boys who keep stopping me do it! Please can you tell me what tutorial you used for the boxy bags? Thanks

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Woaah, slow down bionic woman!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Oh my, what lucky teachers! I didn't know we did such nice things for teachers. I guess since I homeschool I ought to be making myself a little something ;). So many lovelies here. That quilt deserves a post of its own!

Donna S. said...

Can you put a link to the scarf tutorial you recommended?

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Unknown said...

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