Saturday, March 7, 2015

Simple Stained Glass Tutorial

I recently ordered a 4" design roll of Tula Pink's latest line, Elizabeth, from Hawthorne Threads.  I ordered yardage too, but I knew I would want to make something right away so I splurged and got the roll.  I made this super quick and easy pattern I thought I'd share!

Fabric Requirements:

(25) 4"xWOF strips of prints
2 yards background fabric
3.75 yards for backing
1/2 yard for binding

Cutting instructions:

From each print
(3) 4" squares
(2) 4"x11" rectangles

From the background fabric:
10.5"xWOF strip then sub cut into (20) 2"x10.5" rectangles for inner sashing
(8) 2"xWOF strips for inner sashing
(8) 4" xWOF strips for outside border

Mix and match your prints to create these square-in-square blocks.  Each block requires (1) 4" square of print A for the center and (2) 4" squares and (2) 4"x11" rectangles of print B for the outside square.  Once these are assembled, cut each 11" square-in-square block into 4 new squares.  

Mix and match again to create all new 10.5" blocks

It helps to lay it all our to make sure you don't have too many of the same print clustered together.  

Add your sashing strips and voila!  Quilt finished at about 63" square.  


Lisa Lee said...

I love you. No excuses not to make this now..thanks for the handy dandy tutorial! This is such a fun quilt, I am so drawn to this fabric line too. Lisaski from IG ;-)

Unknown said...

Best! Thanks for sharing! Love the quilting community for ppl like you who love to share.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to have found something informative in your site. Thanks for sharing.


essay writing service australia said...

This honestly looks pretty amazing. And thank you for showing us untalented people how to do this whole stained glass thing. Absolutely brilliant.

Kalina said...

And when you add the black sashing?

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