Where I Sew

Here's a peek at my creative space!

Hope you all are prepared for lots of pictures of my new favorite thing!

Cleaned up a little bit! I still have a ton of fabric to fold and put up, but the floor and counters are mostly cleared! #sewmessy

Hung up a couple more of my mini quilts!

More progress!  I hope to be sewing some this weekend!

Hanging up my sewing room curtains made with awesome @missletterm fabric!!!

New hoop from @apriltwoeighty!!!! Love it Brooke! It's so me!

More wall decoration up in my sewing room!


Fiona @findingfifth said...

Kelly - it looks like a lovely place to create especially with groovy curtains like those. I love the cake stand display for the latest bundle of goodies!

prsd4tim2 said...

What a lovely space! You have so much room, I'm really envious. My 8x8 foot room (with 4 doorways in such a small space) is crowded and kind of overwhelming at times. Now that the kids are gone, I'm thinking it's time for a change. We'll see if that happens in 2013. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room.

CathSanderson said...

Hi Kelly, met you and your hubby in Brooklyn. Loving your site, your work space its looks great, way more colourful and fun than mine for sure x

Rosemary B❤️ said...

drooling. and subbing now

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